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Siren Song 3

Verse Seven

Flash of Sharpened Blade
Panic Prompts unearthly Cry
Vicious Net Severed

Shouts of Rage and Ire
Tumbling into the Sea
Sweet Breath of Water

Freedom and Escape
Dash Away into the Deeps
Lingering Memory

Verse Eight

Hesitant Return
Garbled Noises from Above
Thunder Crashing Loud

Bright Flash then Hard Splash
Tumbling in the Dark Water
Dark Crimson Staining

Scent of Blood Screaming
Predators Circling Near
Blue Eyes of Terror



Verse Nine

Blue Ocean Darkness
Splash Amidst the Rolling Waves
Echoes Haunt the Depths

Pain and Fear Betray
Flaxen Tresses Surrounding
Sweet Unearthly Song

Gentle Touch of Life
Tender Kiss of Waking Breath
Blue Eyes Lock with Jade

The End

Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest
Mermaid Leaping Original Artwork by FK at Deviantart.com
Mermaid Original Artwork by: Pipyr at Deviantart.com
Tall Ship Original Artwork by: Andy Simmons
Unsigned Beautiful Mermaid Original Artwork found on Pinterest….original artist sadly unknown