The Subdued Night- Sonnet XXII -NaPoWriMo

Subdued Night

Shiver with Me in the Subdued Night,
As Breaths of Midnight Turn Softly Round,
Dream in the Satin Ebon Light
Of Eternity Singing without a Sound.
Tremble Beside me in the Delicate Hush
Of Twilight Painted in Lavender Tone,
Linger with me Beyond Lifeโ€™s Pale Rush,
Amidst the Shadows, Together, Alone.
Sigh with me in Harmonious Song,
Of Gentle Splendors Unknown by Day,
Gild in Romance what Eโ€™re stood wrong,
With Your Exquisite Hands, Brush Cares Away.
Dappled Moonlight Around Us Dance,
While Love Boldly Stands Upon Glorious Chance.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Moonchild-Ljilja at


    1. I am glad you did as well, though I do understand. social media becomes nearly impossible to manage after a while ๐Ÿ˜‰ Blessings my Friend!


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