Friday Fantasy – Capture My Heart – NaPoWriMo

Capture my Heart

Capture my Heart,

Whisper upon Dreams,

Thunder roiling from Elemental Streams;

Calling the Wisdom of Inspiration,

Dance in the Breeze of Intrepid Aspiration,

Whistle in the wind as Oden Sighs,

Spiraling Magic on the wind as it Flies,

Capture my Heart,

Sing upon Dreams,

Mystery Intoxicating with Mythical Themes!

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Philippe Fernandez


    1. It really did turn out far more sing-songy than I anticipated, like a Nursery Rhyme, yet not. 🙂 It smiles to me and Im so glad it Smiles to you as well 🙂 Happy Friday Fantasy!

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    1. I do SO appreciate you reblogs 🙂 Thanks Ever So. And Im so happy you enjoyed this Smiling little Verse. I agree, the artwork simply Draws You In 🙂


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