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piano 1

Cold and Dark
You Stand Waiting,
Lines Perfected, Curves Defined,
Like Silhouette on Shimmering Water,
A Play of Shadow and Light.

Bright and Night
You Lay Open, Expansive,
Key to my Heart, Heart of my Soul,
Silent before your lovers Touch,
Synesthesia Sweetly Implied.

Rich and Bold
You Sing in Majestic Eloquence,
Opening to my Fleeting Fancy
Every Imagination Illusion Yields,
Magic Playing from Magic Bending.

Table of Grace
Banquet for my Listening ear,
Luscious Feast to my Unencumbered Heart,
Where offerings Filled with Grace and Grandeur
Cascade in ribbons of Tireless Sound.

Loving Piano
Alter to my Weary mind,
Share with me one Precious Hour
The Mystery of your Recompense
While I, in Rapturous Delight,
Do Close the Window to my Soul
And Open my Heart.


Beautiful Photograph found at Wikimedia.commons