Shimmering Tide


Shimmering Tide of Golden Fire,

Stir in me Billowing Desire

That Sings of Mystical Days of Yore,

Transforming the Ordinary and the Poor

Into Vestiges of Miraculous Splendor,

Intrepidity to Engender,

Hiding Naught but the Depths of Devotion

Like the Sweet and Boundless Glistening Ocean.




      1. Keep warm. It was -12 here this morning. Thursday is going to be a bear (not that today wasn’t). More snow tonight, but we are way down from what Boston has.


      2. I know. My son said they have over 70 inches. They’ve had to have their roof cleared two or three times now. Though I’d love to see it, I feel sorry for all those people who have to suffer through it. That’s just too much of a good thing.


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