Silence, Whisper


Silence, Speak of Time
That Misses,

Lingering traces of
Shimmering Kisses;

Longing and Waiting,
Delve into the core,

Silence Yearning,
Ever More and More.


Deliberate Pause,
Sweet Silence, Sing,

Memories Dancing
With the Joy they bring;

Caution Thrown to the
Heavenly moon,

Silence in Crescendo,
Far Too Soon.


Speak, Then, Whisper;
Crying out, Hear Your Call,

Darkness Descending,
Conspiring with All

The maladies and Melodies,
Spinning inside;

Silence, Listening,
As my Lonely Heart Cried.

Beautiful Original Photograph by: Ebru Sidar Thank You!


  1. Exquisite! I know I’ve said it before ‘you have a way with words’ they simply obey you and fall in line at your slightest command! Grateful to the Light for crossing your path (most likely not for the first time)!


    1. What a truly Beautiful and Amazing thing to say PurpleRay 🙂 Thank You Ever So Much, and yes, Praise to All that is Light and Loving for the Blessings of Friends, new and old 🙂


    1. It came in a sudden rush and was, indeed, rather sing-songy as I wrote. Sometimes its all I can do to keep up with the words, and then, once they are done spilling, Im utterly amazed. These are the ones I can’t really claim credit for 😉 But Thank You Thank You Thank you all the same my dear sweet sister!


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