~Be The Miracle ~


There are so many in this world in Need. There are so many who go to bed hungry or have no bed at all; so many that thirst for clean water where there is none. So many who ache for healing where no medicine is present; and so many who long for the touch of a tender embrace or a friendly smile. There are so many reasons we might choose to hide our eyes because we simply cannot bear what we see around us and there are even more reasons to be outraged about the atrocities, inhumanities and exploitations that happen every day.

Yet, for each one of those reasons, there IS a Miracle waiting. For the hungry child, there is a person with bread. For the villages without fresh, clean water, there is a program awaiting donations to make wells possible. For the countless animals suffering in factory farms, puppy mills, dog-fighting rings, or starving on the streets, there is a Choice waiting to be made; a Change that is Possible that can and will create a Miracle for those lives.

It’s easy to talk about. It’s even easier to say “It’s horrible, but what can one person like me really do?” It’s simpler to shake the head and turn away, but What Light Shall Shine if not My Own? What Change Shall Alter if not the One I Initiate? What Miracle Shall Bless if not the one I Earnestly Seek, Live for, Love for, and work to Create?

Miracles Happen Every Day because Miracles are not typically earth-shattering, moon-shaking, lightning bolts from the sky. Miracles are a simple things. Things like sharing an old blanket with someone who is cold and, possibly, homeless. Buying an extra cup of coffee and handing it to the person who is lingering near the line, but who might not be in line because they haven’t the few odd coins needed to buy a cup for themselves. Miracles are smiles shared with a stranger; holding the door open for the frazzled mom carrying her crying child into the busy store; leaving a small note of appreciation on a co-worker’s desk to anonymously encourage them on a hard day.

Miracles only take a moment, but they can change lives and they invariably create in the Giver a sense of being Inexpressibly Satisfied, though possibly hungry for more. There are many miracles that go untold every day, but in this dark dark world, where the news is filled with hate and fear and anger, isn’t it time to share a Miracle or two? Isn’t it time to tell a Hallmark worthy story rather than rehashing the hate and fear mongering already going on? Better yet, isn’t it time to ~Be The Miracle~?

So here is my Challenge, my idea for positive Change. If you care for the ones who suffer, if you detest the violence around us as much as I do, are you able and ready to Take One Step Toward Love?

Very shortly I shall be launching a website called ~Be The Miracle~ where we can all make a change, share Hope, Give Easily, and Support Each Other for doing the same. I can launch this website alone and I can promote it alone, but I cannot make it Work and it will not make a difference without You. So here’s fair warning, I am now and will be later asking for your help.

~Be The Miracle ~ will be a blog about all the Good that is going on around us and many ways you and I can help. I want to share stories of good will, charity, Random Acts of Kindness, ideas for Making a Difference and links to other organizations that are doing Good round the world. So if you have a story to share, an Idea that will Inspire or know of an organization that is doing something worthwhile, PLEASE let me know, send me the story so I will have plenty to post when I open ~Be The Miracle~. This new blog will also need shares on Facebook, Tweets on Twitter, Reblogs and Reposts to get the news out. Even if that is all you do, you can and will make a difference and be part of the Miracle. I ask, NOT to forward my own cause, because it shall be entirely non-profit, but to ~Be The Miracle~ for someone, or potentially many someones, who need it.

Are you ready to be part of The Miracle?



      1. It all starts with one step, one dream, one heart, one soul, one seed and grows from there. Every little ounce of love adds up if enough get involved. When someone asks if they might pray for me, I used to say, please pray for the less fortunate, now I say, Thank you, and please add those less fortunate and yourself to that list of blessings. I am so glad I’ve lived long enough to be humbled without being destroyed))))

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  1. I want to help!! Awesome idea… this really needs to happen in our world and for everyone that will come into it!! Thanks Morgan


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