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For as long as I can remember, whenever anyone asked me what my Dreams are I have always answered two things: I should like to have my books published/ be a published author, and I should like to go to England.

Nondescript? Perhaps, but My Dreams, nevertheless. This is what I strive for and towards. This is what makes my Heart sing and my Spirit soar with the delight of possibility. Yet, until very recently, Dreams are all they truly seemed to be; those ever inspiring, but not quite attainable sort that keep us wistfully looking towards tomorrow while we plunge into the reality of our here and now.

Today, however, everything changed. Changed so that, having changed, it shall never change back to what it was before it changed. A New Day has dawned for today one of those Dreams has become Reality. Today my book “Dark Fey, The Reviled” has been Published!

Now, before we go any further, please allow me to assure you that my blog stands on its own. It is a blog of poetry and pictures painted with words; it is a place of Love and Hope, Peace and Joy, Beauty and Inspiration. It has not been and shall not become a place where I shamelessly proffer my wares for purchase. Have no fear! That being said, I cannot overlook the opportunity, just this once, to invite you to explore the world I created, the people I brought to life from my dreams, and the mythical mysteries and wonders in which they live. Please allow me to share my delight with you by providing this tidbit of information, should you so desire to read my dream come true.

What is “Dark Fey, The Reviled”? It is a fantasy set in the primordial forests of mystical time in a land peopled by both Light Loving and Darkness Revering Faeriekind, or Fey. It is a tale of Light and Darkness, of Joy and Sorrow, the Loved and the Unloved. It shares the Trials and Triumph of Courage and Perseverance while wrapping the reader in lush, lyrical descriptions and exquisitely developed characters.

In the mystical realm of Jyndari, a relationship between two unsuspecting, yet kindred souls who are separated by far more than social stigma, blossoms in secrecy that could shatter both their worlds. Ayla, a Light loving, Guardian of Childfey hides more than a few secrets; secrets that isolate her and set her apart. Secrets that bring her to the attention of one who comes in shadow and silence; one who watches, waiting for the ideal moment to step from the darkness, reveal the truth about himself and alter the course of her life forever.

Escape into a world of Magic and Mystery; into a Realm of Beauty and Enchantment, into an intense adventure for your Mind and Spirit that will leave you yearning for more.

“Dark Fey, The Reviled” is Currently Available in the following locations:

As a Book at: CreateSpace eStore: https://www.createspace.com/5155636

As an eBook at: Kindle : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RZMVNQQ
(Free Kindle reading apps are available for download at the Kindle site.)

Signed Copies are also available on a limited basis. Please contact me via https://www.facebook.com/booknvolume for details.

Thank You ever so much for the Blessing of allowing me to share my Joy and Excitement with you. Dreams do come true! So in some words of High Celebrae (which I’ve just made up for a scene in book two Standing in Shadows) I say: Jocyndrae Vite! which means: Let Us Be Festive!!