Thy Splendor – Sonnet 33

Thy Splendor

An Ode to Thee would Shine in Splendid Language,
If Language were as Splendid as Thou Art,
But failing to Catch the Splendor of Thy Visage,
I Shall Stay my hand from making the feeble start.
For when those words profane Thy Beauty’s Splendor,
And cast a shadow to Thy Splendid Name,
Cursed be the Hand that wrote such vile stanzas,
For words could Thy Splendor Never Tame.
Yet if such Splendor could in mere words be Praised,
And Given Illustrious Glimmer by my Hand,
Then let this Heart filled with Thy Splendor’s Virtue
Be over Zealous in writing, Profuse and Grand.
Thy Splendor’s Might is All This Heart Does Know
And All by feeble Attempt, This Hand to Show.


Beautiful Original Artwork by: Cindy Grundsten


    1. Thank You Michelle, I stumbled across it while re-reading some posts and realized, when I originally had posted it (about a year ago 😮 shhh don’t tell!), that I hadn’t realized it was a sonnet. It so fitting for either a lover or the Good Sweet Lord, I though it most fitting for Thanksgiving 🙂

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