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Rose 20

This Honest Blushing, Cannot Express
Such Giddy Feelings and Happiness,


When Friends Gather at This Table,
While I Verbosely Spin a Gracious Fable,

Pink Rose

Entreating, Rhyming, Singing, Sharing,
Blithe in Verse, Beyond Comparing,


While Each New Face Makes Our Friendship More
Than Ever I Dreamed, Shaking to the Core,

Your Kiss My Love

And Only These few Humble Tokens
Spill from My Lips, Repeatedly Spoken,

Rose 9

Yet Heartfelt They, and with Emotion Glow,
Thank You, THANK YOU, Ever So!


For 1700 WordPress Followers. For Over 3000 Followers across All of my Social Media Platforms. And for Over 2000 posts. YOU Have Blessed me to Be a Blessing to You to be a Blessing to Me. Thank you 🙂

Rose 21