Friday Fantasy – Tranquil Sea

Tranquil Sea..Sleep

Shades of Softness Flicker and Glow,
Supposing me uninvited,
Yet as the weary hours Unwind,
With Capricious Dreams I am United.
Candles Glimmer, warm scents Suffuse,
Leading me in Beguiling haze,
Dance of Twilight, Gently Sigh,
Entreating me into your Maze.
Peace descends like snowfall, Silent,
Enwrapping me in Serenity,
Released from restless cares and woes,
I Escape into the Tranquil Sea.



Beautiful Original Artwork by: Jim Warren


  1. The beauty and tranquility found in your embracing words, help me to escape into the heavenly picture they caused to come to life in my mind! Your words are always such a blessing…they bring smiles that last. Hugs!


  2. What a beautiful poem. It wraps around your reader effecting all of your reader’s senses! Man…………………….


  3. What a clever drawing, I wonder what book she is reading. It is strange that the default send myself to sleep thought it is a beach and waves, it’s a wonder the beach isn’t crowded. You sum it up really well, that escape into a dreamlike state of escape.


    1. Leave it to Ste J to wonder what book she’s reading šŸ˜€ That really made me smile šŸ™‚ So glad you stopped by and had a read šŸ™‚

      Many Blessings and Smiling Joy, my Friend~


      1. No no, no shame, just cute, because I barely noticed the book. I think it really shows how our own interests and passions create our view of the world. Theres a DEEP Interpretation for ya!


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