Saturday Showcase – Willing Lamentation


Caught in a web of Infinite Splendor,
Trapped in silence that refuses to speak,
Lost in a Reality we cannot Engender,
Afraid of the Light,
I am too weak.

Ensnared by my own discontent,
Bound to this place by Inclination,
Bearing a Message that was never sent,
Lingering Eternally,
Willing Lamentation.

Can you hear me when I cry?
Do my words Ignite Your flame?
Ever and Always asking Why,
Captured by Wailing And All the Memory it Claims.


Original artwork by: ghyselenbert at DeviantArt.


  1. What a beautiful sad poem. It really makes this reader feel emotional while reading it, wonderful poem I am going to read it again.


      1. Reading your wonderful poems is emotionally cleansing for me I think. I am not sure I understand why but you somehow reach in to this reader’s heart with your poetry!


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