Saturday Showcase – Unrecognizable Clown

Unrecognizable clown

Shaded laughter in Silent Dreams,
When nothing Appears as it Truly Seems.
Winter Falls When Autumn Springs,
And Summer Remembers Distant things
Once called upon in more Splendid Times,
When discord Sang Harmony, and dissonance Rhymed.
Lost in the Spectrum of Twirling Emotion,
Persistent as Unobtrusive Devotion;
Yet dark as Night when the Day turns down,
In the Looking Glass, an Unrecognizable Clown.


I Originally posted this poem in August 2013 with The Image below. I recently found the image above and feel it illustrates the poem much more accurately, which is part of the fun/reward of revisiting old pieces. But what do you think?

Unrecognizable clown

Beautiful Clock Image found at:
Beautiful Original Artwork of woman by: Moonchild-Ljilja at

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