Honeyed Lips – Sonnet 32

Honeyed Lips

When All Others have, in Passion, made their Plight,
And Songs of Praise and Adoration, Bending,
Shall Cast their lot adrift with blinded sight,
My Love Holds Fast, through words forgotten, Sending.
Where Vast arrays of Gazes Greet Your Day,
And Promises of Perplexity Beguile,
While Honeyed-lips do Mouth oaths like Darling May,
My Love Waits Softly, with Quietus Smile.
Yet, if Your Stunning Gaze should Seek for More
Than Fallacy and Avarice might richly Plunder,
Perchance, these words that Tenderly Implore
Shall scatter lies like broken glass, asunder.
While Memory betwixt Us Sings her Tune,
To these False Pawns Your Heart Shall Beat, Immune.

Beautiful Original Artwork by Lady Symphonia at Deviantart.com

9 thoughts on “Honeyed Lips – Sonnet 32

    1. Thank You dear friend. I’ve missed you. All is OK here, time is slipping by and getting shorter, but one must keep on keeping on, as they say. Hoping YOU are well?


    1. If you did ’twas not Intended, but that is the Beauty of Poetry, for we all see from a slightly different perspective, and, in reading it again, I too can see that subtle twist and shade. Thank YOU πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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