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Today I have taken a cue from my wonderful Friend Michelle from http://michelleclementsjames.com and am conducting an experiment. In one of my Friday Fantasy poems I wrote the line: Where Fantasy is More than what it Seems. Michelle suggested this would be a Fantastic writing prompt, so I’m prompting….YOU ! Below are two Fantasy images. Using the prompt, Write a poem or short story about the images. You can leave your contribution in comments and I will add it to the post OR you can create a post of your own and link back here. Either way, I hope you will enjoy this (second) foray into group collaborative writing ๐Ÿ™‚ (I always do!) And Thank YOU for participating.

Two Sisters 1

There she Weaves by Gilded Moonlight,
Streams of Radiance like silken threads
Draping her in Ethereal Beauty,
Kissing her forehead with Delicate Promise,
Bestowing Life unto the Dreamer.

Winter snow princess
Grasps all that is Earthly
In protective arms.
By: Michelle at: http://michelleclementsjames.com

Two Sisters 2

There she Dances amid the tidal flow,
Abundance rich in Gossamer Glory,
As Mystic and Enchanting as the Night
While All of Life about her Gathers,
Beguiled by her Beauty.

Nymph of the blue depths
Whirling about, beauteous
By Michelle at http://michelleclementsjames.com

Beautiful Original Artwork by : Sheila Wolk