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Award Free

I confess it. I have been very remiss in paying forward the honours recently paid to me in the form of awards. I could tell you all the reasons why, between work and home, writing and reading, poems, novels, friends, illnesses, holidays, housework, spoiled cats and Ghost Adventures, but the reasons truly don’t come close to being compelling. I have struggled for some while with awards, though I truly appreciate receiving them (who doesn’t, really) and I enjoy sharing the love with my friends, new and old; yet, we all know how they tend to gobble up your evening (the award posts, not the friends!) so I have come to a difficult, if inevitable, conclusion.

This shall be my last awards post. 😦

I think most of us come to this point, in some degree, but rather than simply accept and do nothing; and rather than simply ignore what is, in all honesty, a delightful honor, I should be polite and say that, going forward, Booknvolume shall be Award Free. It isn’t just me being pat when I say that Your Friendship and return readership, kind comments and Inspirational insights, not to mention the occasional reblog/retweet, are award enough for me.

But before I close the door, I should like to mention a few honours recently paid, if only to highlight the giver of the award and pay them the honour of sharing their blogs with you.

Wonderful Team Member

First and foremost, my Dear Dear Friend Amy (or Amsgirl, as I affectionately call her ) shared with me the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. Amy’s blog is a daily delight of breathtaking photography and Inspirational/motivational thoughts that I cannot miss. Do take a moment to stop by her blog and enjoy the marvels of nature, love, spirituality, growth, renewal and Friendship you, too, shall find here: http://herladypinkrose.wordpress.com


Michelle at: http://mgrace58.wordpress.com shared the Very Inspiring Blogger award with me. Michelle’s eclectic blog includes Star Trek, Cats, poetry, all things Beach, workout tips and even polka dots…whats not to love about her fun blog! Do stop by for a smile 🙂

Callum at: http://callummclaughlin.wordpress.com also shared this wonderful award with me, and I can tell you, his own blog is every bit as inspiring and wonderful. Anything and everything from poetry, writing, reading and publishing can be found on his blog, delivered with a fresh and youthful glimmer.


D A Lavoie at: http://dalavoie.net shared a beautiful award as well, The Angel Award. Such a wonderful blessing to receive, I am touched with the gentle grace of this award and the smiles of utter surprise, because, to be entirely honest, I do not know D A well enough to even tell you her first name. So to receive such a beautiful award from her is, quite honestly, astonishing. Yet I do appreciate it, and hope that this will illustrate her lovely and kind nature, which she shares on her blog.

community Heart award

My Lovely Friend Patty over at: http://petitemagique.wordpress.com honoured me with the Community Heart Award. Patty’s blog, as I am sure you are all very well aware, is filled with the very essence of being mindful of the community of blogging and being Full of Heart. Touching, romantic, lyrical, yet deliciously dark poetry graces her magical realm in the blogosphere and you really are cheating yourself, plain and simple, if you don’t stop by.

Very Inspiring Blogger

And Finally, Lena from http://lenanoid.wordpress.com/about has shared the Very Inspiring Blogger award only the other day. Lena and I are still getting to know each other, but I can tell already that she is a beautiful spirit, sharing love and hope in a beautiful fashion on her blog. Do, do, stop over and say hello to her .

Now, the customary thing to do is to share all these awards with people, but I would be here for seven more hours doing so, thus, I shall leave off by saying that I am delightfully thankful for all the love shared to me and hope, with my whole heart, that you will stop by the blogs of these friends, new and old, to enjoy their inspirations. Without them and, indeed, without You, where would BnV Be, yet sadly, from this point on, BnV will be Award Free.

Thank You with all of my Heart and I do hope, passionately, that this does not come off sounding abrasive, self-serving or, in any way, unappreciative.

beautiful original artwork by: moonchild-ljilja