A Thousand Souls Parading


Darkness reflects my Seeking Gaze
as I Stare Out Beyond this Staging,
And See the Shimmering, Dancing Lights
Of A Thousand Souls Parading.

Apathy Enfolds me as I Sleep,
The dark and friendless hours of Night,
Beyond the Touch of a single Human Hand
to Comfort me in my Plight.

Ennui Steals my Impetus,
Careworn and Desensitized I stare,
In the Echo of Insidious Thought,
Where All Purpose seems Stripped Bare.

Yet, Beyond where man has ever stood,
One Answer Exceeds the strife,
An Answer Accepted Keenly by my Heart,
Transforming the Tedium of Life.

Imposing no Proviso,
No Alteration Justified,
Just as Perfection formed Me
Loving All that was and is inside.

Beautiful artwork found on google


  1. it’s inside us, the light, while we seek it everywhere else, your words remind me of an angelic form that is always around me, and like the dark, i’m sometimes lost in translation, blessings


    1. 🙂 Thank you so much Friend 🙂 Hey Look at YOU!! 🙂

      I saw your announcement about your book…MANY congratulations 🙂 did you publish that via Kindle Direct and Create Space? How Exciting!!!


      1. hahaha. Thank you – Just following in your footsteps!! Thank you for the review here and amazon 🙂 yes, KD and createspace 🙂

        Much love always dear friend


      2. 🙂 I do believe my next step is going to be CreateSpace. I simply must get round to it. THEN a collection of Sonnets…as I have been promising forever lol 🙂


      3. Yes, I recommend it from what I’ve seen 🙂 Your sonnets are some of the best Ive read – you definitely need to do that. Im going to start a new book in December – but you’re always one step ahead of me anyway 😉

        Lots of love dear one


      4. I have many plans and so little time to put them into action. but I keep hearing from many sources that I should publish the poetry, so I really need to LISTEN to that 😉

        Thank ever so much Sweet Ihsan and no, I think we are in sync 😉


      5. OH and ever so happy to write the review. I dont write many, so I wasn’t quite sure of format or content, but Im glad it pleases you 🙂


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