Unbroken Memory

Unbroken Memory 1

Gray Light and half tones,

Shimmering Shadows,

Throwing Stones,

Magical Musings upon the Morrow,

Depths of Promise,

Lurking Sorrow,

Fill the Pages of Mystical Rhyme,

Enchanting, Beguiling,

Perplexing the Mind.

Unbroken Memory 2


UnBroken Memory 5

Spanning Wings of Power and Might,

Fragile Existence

Of Draconian Delight,

Encompassing Legacy of nomadic Intention,

Pursued by Prejudice

And Deliberate Pretension,

Engulfing Eternity with certain Dread,

Loneliness entrapping,

Immortality instead.

Unbroken Memory 4


Unbroken Memory 6

Singing Sweet in the Barren Cold,

Forgotten Soul

Of Antiquity told,

Blazing Fire of unbroken Memory,

Awakening flutter

To set the Heart Free,

Long Denied, through unspoken Years, Waiting,

One Look, One Touch,

All the Pain Sweetly Abating.

Unbroken Memory 3

The End

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Anne Stokes
Dragon .Gif found at : geekexchange.com
Sleeping Dragon Image found at: noemotion.net


  1. enchanting words Morgan. I enjoyed this small tale very much. The images certainly provided plenty of atmosphere on the journey. eve


    1. Thanks so much Eve. Im so glad you liked it. I do enjoy creating fairy / dragon tales ๐Ÿ™‚

      By the By..love the new pic. is that a fox? or some sort of cat??


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