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With Bated Breath

With Love my Heart does Blazing Burn,
With Rapturous Sighing, Sweet and Free;
With Hunger known to starving men, I yearn
For Your Sweet Love, Like Matchless Divinity.
With Chaos my Spirit does weakly Sigh,
With Calamity of Thought, most Unsettled,
A Parody of Action, All this Intellect Tries,
Ungainly and Unheralded this mettle.
For Only with Your Hand in Mine, Perfection
Walking beside me in this Solemn Hour,
Like Passion Blooming in poor Jaded Distraction,
While all the world, Lamenting, does turn sour.
Yet in this Shining Place of Reverie,
I Wait with Bated Breath, ‘Til You’re with Me.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Tugba Sevinc