Your Beautiful Life


In honour of my One Year Blogiversary, I am introducing something new onto my blog. After all, one can only read so much poetry before one begins referring to oneself as one….and then people’s eyebrows begin to raise skeptically (Yes I see yours twitching).

More Importantly, after spending a VERY eventful year and learning what it means not only to Blog and be a Blogger, but to be a Writer and Author, Photographer (well, of a sort!), and perhaps, every now and then a Chef worthy of Kitchen Stadium ( or at least the Chef Boyardee test kitchens!) I have learned that there is more to this blogging thing than simply plopping down in front of my laptop every evening and whipping up a few delicious morsels.

Shakespeare, Star Trek and Sherlock notwithstanding, (You didn’t expect I would write a Non-poetry post and not include them somehow, did you? After all, they are almost becoming a standard) I have come to the conclusion that blogging, and subsequently being a blogger (as they are rather inescapably connected) (much as Jack and the Black Pearl, but that is another post entirely!) is about Friendships, Kinships, discovering Kindred Spirits across the miles, and Sharing our Hearts (and yes, perhaps, even a bit of our Souls.) It’s about finding out just what your Passions truly are and how to Follow them in order to Make your Dreams Come True (even if we aren’t visiting Disney or Never-Never Land).

Yet I think (and admittedly, this is just me thinking again, which can be a good thing as well as the initial step on a spiral that ends up somewhere in another dimension), it is also about Giving Back a little something to those Kindred Spirits we meet along the way. Blog Awards are very nice, to be sure, but as we all know those marvelous little treasures can be an awful lot of work. Comments and Likes are also delightful, and so very Important in building those aforementioned friendships and kinships, yet I find myself wanting to give something more. (Have you begun to wonder, as is very often the case when I begin to prattle, where I am going with this and if, perhaps, I’ve lost the thread of the conversation? Never fear, Preface over.)

So, to return to my original notion, in celebration of One Full Year of BnV (That’s Booknvolume, if you hadn’t already figured it out) (can you believe it’s been an entire year, already?) (Sorry, I know, I’m very good at skipping dexterously around the crux while keeping you on tenterhooks.) But you need wait no longer. I have decided to create a new category on BnV. (A somewhat underwhelming announcement, in point of fact, but do bear with me while I elaborate) (and I Promise not to sneak any Hamlet or Shakespeare in while you aren’t looking) (unless that counts.)

A Category Entirely About You!!! (I see you’re interest piquing! Don’t try to hide it) Yes, devoted utterly and completely to YOU my dear Friends; my Sweet Kindred Spirits; my Most Faithful Entourage. (Isn’t that a much nicer word than Follower, really?) A Category where I have opportunity to Introduce YOU around, (not that I know all that many people, to be sure) Highlight YOUR blogs, Share YOUR book reviews, post YOUR announcements, Spotlight the Marvelous and Breathtaking things YOU are doing.

Still Underwhelmed? I hope not, since it’s all about Your Beautiful Life, Really, and if that bores you, well, maybe you need to put some spice into your life and start referring to yourself as ONE for a while.



  1. It has been a pleasure to find BNV(see we can learn quickly) and I look forward to having your words continue to inspire, inform, intrigue and interest us. Congrats on the year, many more to come.


    1. Thank You Ever So Much 🙂 I am so glad you enjoy my creative whimsies 🙂 Thank You for Being a Blessing in my Life. I Appreciate YOU 🙂


  2. One must be very happy to be celebrating one’s first blogging anniversary! 😉 Happy Anniversary, Morgan!!!!! What a wonderful way to mark this first milestone! I look forward to many more wonderful and enlightening posts! ~Karen~


    1. I am very glad you like the idea 😉 (as do so many others too…phew!) I am excited to meet others and get to know them better too 😉


  3. I agree with you, Morgan. Blogging is so much more than just plopping down in front of a computer and tapping out one’s thoughts. I’ve met some wonderful, kindred spirits along the way as well who are great encouragements to me. Blessings on your blogging and connecting!


    1. Thank You so much 🙂 With SO MANY talented writers and photographers around, I am confident I will never be able to post enough 🙂

      Have a Fantastic Week End~


    1. And congratulations to YOU 🙂 its a marvelous feeling of accomplishment, isnt it? 🙂 Thanks Ever So. heres to another year of Inspiration and Imagination for both of us! 😀


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