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One Year Ago I sat where I am sitting now, and wrote my very first post onto a brand new blog. I had never written a post before; I barely understood what a blog was or what being a blogger meant, but I did know one thing and that is that words have ever been my companion. Long into the night I sat, writing, laughing, creating (not only the post, but also the blog itself!) and when I finally finished I was left with two inescapable sensations. One was accomplishment. I had done something I had only thought about for many years and that felt exciting and positively delightful. The other sensation was less positive, though not negative; yet, it left me uncertain and filled with anticipation. Would anyone read my post? Would anyone find themselves interested in what I had to say? Would blogging be a wondrous new world to explore or would it fizzle after a few short weeks, maybe a month or two, and be something I never attempted again?

One Year later, I am still here, and although the year has brought many astonishing moments; many tears of overwhelmed gratitude and amazement; many marvelous laughs and more friends than I ever expected, I am still as eager to sit down each night as I was when first starting out. Along the way I have accumulated a few numbers, and, although numbers and I are not really friends (I am rather a monkey trying to do a math problem when it comes to numbers), and although I try not to sound my own trumpet (very often, anyway) I thought today might be a good day to let them out to play briefly.

In the past year I have been blessed by over 1575 friends who have visited BnV over 48,000 times. Ok Stop for a moment. There is no pretty, lyrical way of saying it…but that simply Blows My Mind! In this one year, BnV has also been awarded blogging awards over 50 times and received the 2013 Blog of the Year award, which truly made me cry for quite some time because when this immense honour (as I see it) was paid to me, I had only been blogging for 5 months! ( As you can see, I am still astounded). BnV has been viewed in 148 countries all round the world (when I look at the map in Stats of all the corners of the Earth these words I share have reached, I am rendered speechless)(believe it or not!) After 2 months of blogging I was invited to join Poet’s Corner, a wonderful gathering place for a broad collection of poets and, that same month, I was Freshly Pressed. Little did I realize what a true Honour that was until I did a little research.

These numbers dumbfound me, and not simply because of the aforementioned monkey; still,numbers, in my humble opinion, never tell the whole story (though there are many who would argue that point with me until the previously referenced primate fell out of the proverbial tree). Numbers give the mind something to muse over, to be sure, but the numbers would not, could not, exists without the People who create them.

Those All Important People are YOU! Because, let’s face it, without YOU perusing, patrolling and otherwise popping by now and again, BnV would never be where it is today. In fact, BnV would probably not B at all.
So Happy Blogiversary, my Dearest Friends! Thank You for making BooknVolume a reality. Thank You for your Kindest Friendship, Support, Encouragement and Collaborations, a year ago, Today, and (hopefully!) Tomorrow as well. YOU are my Gift. YOU have made my Year full of Wonders.