The Joy of Writing

Handwriting,ink and quill pen

Writing is an Inspiration that should be shared. At least, this is my view. I have enjoyed sharing the creative process with quite a few very talented and inspiring people and would love to share that experience with you as well. If you should like to write with me, please comment back to me. We can collaborate on a poem, short story, interview each other, do a movie review, or select an image and each write something about it just to see where our creative inspirations lead us. Let’s get together and share the Joy of Writing.

Here are the fine artists with whom I’ve collaborated so far:

Jaybluepoems :

Barb of acuriousgal:

Amy Pinkrose :

Ihsan of iiThinks:

Rajiv Chopra :

T Smith Knowles :

Ihsan of iiThinks :

Rajiv Chopra found at:


6 thoughts on “The Joy of Writing

    1. I find that I spend ALL of my spare time writing in some form or another. This is what clued me in to the fact that I really AM a Writer and need to pursue it as a career more diligently 🙂


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