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Love's Unity 3

The Gentle Touch of Starlight
Singing down like Summer Rain
Renews and Lifts my Spirit,
An Eternal Cosmic Refrain,

Resting here Beside You
In the Shadow of the Moon,
With Love Tenderly Blossoming
Neither Late, nor far too soon….

This love is real as Life itself
Peaceful as the tone of night
Resting within your starry self
Speechless in your heart’s delights

A picture perfect moment
Worth a thousand years or more
Consumed in your paradise
Where Love and beauty always pour

Touch me with Your Lasting Love
And Make my Spirit Sing,
A Thousand years is not enough
To Span the Fervor Your Love Brings.

Kiss me with your eternal flame
And make my being frail
A thousand years does fall short
A Love like this mocks all scales

Hold me with Your Precious Love
Play this True Song Eternally
And in Sweet Accord we both Shall Sing
Two Hearts, One Soul, Love’s Unity.

This poem was written in collaboration with Ihsan, the finely talented author of iiThinks at: http://iithinks.wordpress.com. Writing with Ihsan is Always a Pleasure, as we have written sonnets together previously, yet I am ever delighted to share Inspiration and Creativity with such a Marvelously Talented writer, as well as a Truly Beautiful Person. If you have not visited iiThinks, you are missing one of the most Beautiful Blogs ever written.

Ihsan, Thank You, My Dearest Friend. As Ever, Pure Joy.


Beautiful Original Artwork by: Lee Bogle