In the Spiraling Depths of Time,

Beyond the Chaos of Life Surrounding,

An Echo Peals,

Like Lark’s Song at Daytide,

Calling to All,

Singing for One.



In the Whirlwind of Autumnal Descent,

Falling like Auburn and Russet Tones, Dancing,

An Echo Tolls,

Like a distant bell, Heralding Hearts,

Entrancing All,

Ringing for One.



In the Hush of Midnight’s Magic,

Under the Caress of an Alluring Breeze,

An Echo Repeats,

Like the Cadence of a Summer Night,

Enticing All,

Whispering for One.





Beautiful Original Music by: Adrian von Ziegler


  1. Oh, Morgan you are just so amazing!! Your poetry is enchanting and gloriously inspired! I just love and adore everything you write!! 🙂 I also love this piece of magical music! Thank you for making my morning so specail! Big hugs to you dearest soul sister!


    1. You are so wonderfully kindhearted, Line 🙂 thanks ever so much. I am so glad you like the music…I rather thought you might 🙂

      Blessings and Sweetest Joy~


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