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I am so very Proud and more excited than I can express, to share with you the Exceptionally Amazing cover that MichelleMarie at : http://michellemarieantellg.wordpress.com helped me create for my book “Dark Fey: Book One: The Reviled”, which will be released to Kindle worldwide next Friday, April 25th. This is not meant to be shameless promotion (well, not entirely) but more just to share my excitement and wonder with you over an event I have been looking forward to for nearly my entire life!

What do you think?

The symbol centered in the photo is something I drew that Michelle was able to incorporate Beautifully. It is a form of cryptic writing I created in my youth (not so long ago!!) Can you figure out what it says?

I will be sharing a few excerpts from Dark Fey today, since it is Friday Fantasy day, after all, and hope you will enjoy them. Please do feel free to give me feedback, as it will only help me create a better book for everyone.

Thank you for sharing in my Delight !

Beautiful Original Artwork by: MichelleMarie at : http://michellemarieantellg.wordpress.com And Morgan!