Web Of Dreams

Web of Dreams

Everything about You
Entangles me
Into the Artistry of
Quixotic Dreams.

You Spin Your web
And Capture me,
Taking my Heart
Where it cannot Flee.

Entwined in You
Until I can’t break Free,
You’ve Beguiled me
In this Web of Dreams.


Gorgeous Image of Tarantula Nebula found at: apod.nasa.gov


  1. I simply adore this poem!! And you have taught me a new word quixotic! I never heard that before, you keep teaching me new words, thank you so much! You are like a mastermind! 🙂


    1. LOL I truly Love words and I am so glad you love them too 🙂 Many times I will write a poem and then run through it with the thesaurus, looking for other ways to express the same idea.

      Im telling you all my secrets today, apparently LOL 🙂


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