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The Infinite Abyss

Shall All my Love be Crossed in bitter wailing
When in the Depths of Time, I lose Your Hand;
Falling from the Cradle of Our Sailing,
Where on our Ship of Dreams We Stood in Command?
Shall All my Hopes be Dashed against cruel shores,
When, plummeting to Earth, we Lose Our clasp
Upon the Tender Thread, along which, Pours,
The Strength and Vigor of Our Loving Grasp?
Where Night turns to Day and Day succumbs to Night,
Our Love yet tumbles in the Infinite Abyss
Of Watchful Souls, gently putting to Rights
All that Was and All that, Lingering, Is.
Still, I see the Memory of Our Timeless Love Affair
Glimmering in the Depths of Your Most Beguiling stare!

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Jessica Allain