Spring Comes Softly


Spring Comes Softly
Amidst the Snows,
The Sparkling, Scintillating, Glittering Glows,
That Touch our Holidays with Frosty Cheer,
While we Gather round the Fire, Drawing Near
in Heart, in Spirit, in the Silence so Deep,
While our Memories Diligently Keep
Spring coming Softly
Amidst the Snows,
Smiling her Promise where Winter Bows.



  1. Dearest Morgan…this is beautiful ~ both words and photograph! It looks like it could have been taken out my window ~ it has been snowing all day. I keep popping outside and gently shaking the snow off the flowers that had bloomed. Thank you for sharing, Dear Friend!


  2. Here too Skye, though the snow is not laying, as we say. here it has just been a snowy frizzle all day…lovely to look at but no bother…which is the best kind of snow, right? Thanks Ever So Much…so very glad you like it!!


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