1. In India, during the Vedic times, we worshipped fire. The God’s name is Agni, which means fire. We perform our rituals, even marriage, around fire. Our mid-winter festival in my home state is also centered around fire.


  2. Ya knowNOwmorgan..i can so relate to these elegant and WiSE words…as the path of TRUE heARTist WHO seeks to express TRuTH can be a lonely one..when one IS sure of TRUTH above and beyond..the acceptance..of anYone but GOD..

    IN my home town..tHere is a veteran’s plaza that i photo..in my next long expression.. FULL SOUL blog post..

    i only speak in flow..measure and meter i knowNOT..

    i suppose some might cALL IT a flow of holy spirIT..i tend to avoid putting chains on GOD..howEVERth@describes tHest@e of beINGwELl..i thINK..when words flow..with no conscious effort..GOD’s Quill of BEing..digITheART..INKEYboard…

    Any way..tHere is one MONument th@IS my favorITe..in tHis veteran’s plaza.. sayING..a soldier known to oNly GOD..tHis gives me solace..as i tell HISHERsONe TRUTH in never a lukewarm way..

    FiREth@ISGODSPIRIT..eternal FLamE of our INheariTance AsHisHerSonEternalifEiNOW!


    1. And..oh Lord..even the Google Algorithm..doesn’t think i’m human..it pulled me over for using non-sensical language..(spam)in ‘coding’ this free verse poetry..

      but haha..i never wanted to be a robot anyway..

      Now..if i can just convince the Google folks..that my blog that IS ‘pulled over’ and administratively deleted..is not really spam..

      but.. unusual.. free verse poetry..smiles..

      it’s just ironic..is all..i am finAlly truly fully human ..and the computer algorithm..seems to not be able to identify me as such..

      through my written..words..;)

      i’m pretty sure i can convince the Google folks i have a loud beating passionate heart…:)and it’s an old blogger blog..not the word press one…i suppose i’ll get to keep that one..considering i pay for it..:)argh.. i guess i just had to vent to someone..have a great day!..it ain’t gonna get me down..no way..@ALL..:)


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