1. Laughter is the best medicine, especially if used as preventative in advance. Hard to worry or cry when you’re laughing so hard. My family and friends miss my voice more than I do, I guess my laughter and loudness defined me. Or maybe just acted as an early warning sound?))) have a great weekend, Morgan


      1. I became a Mute in August, right before my last group of Grands were born. Blessing is still being here. While I may not Talk, I am not silent. My fingers & my pen have become my way to reach out and touch. Not all losses are tragic, some teach us lessons we needed to know,how to readjust priorities&plans. At the very least, it has taught me to NEVER take anything or anyone for Granted, bc almost anything or anyone can be taken from us, without warning, prepared or not, so appreciate everyone&everything NOW, not later. One of the reasons, I enjoy your work so much, you are a real person whose voice deserves to be shared and appreciated. Thank you, Morgan, you’re a real Gem.


      2. Oh my! yes, that would be a challenging transition…especially for someone like me who really talks and laughs alot…but I am so glad that you did not let the transition dominate or oppress you…as some may. Kudos to You for living on, laughing on in your words and smiles and in the marvelous way you share.

        And I do thank you so very much for your kindness, it is truly appreciated 😉


      3. Technology has helped greatly. I made up flash cards to carry when I am alone. My local law enforcement people are wonderful about verifying my status when I travel. Dry erase boards, Flash cards, tablet displays and good ol’ hand and feet movements keep me out of trouble. Older Grands don’t understand Opa can’t laugh or talk, but learning to adapt with me. Learning to accept and not be too impatient was hardest. I was always the center of Wakes and Reunions, now figuring out how to keep up the spirits of others in a different way, now. Maybe PowerPoint presentations? Only standup with a projector?


      4. Wasn’t raised to give up or give in. Inherited 5 Sisters & #6 on the way at 17, I barely remember not being a Dad & older Brother. Besides old Marines don’t retire, we just quit wearing our uniforms as we fight the battle of the Bulges.)))


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