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Step into the Light

Larks shall rise in the Blossoming Spring,
While Tides of Night Bear the Crescent Moon,
Rocking in the Eternal Sling
Of Starry Skies and Earthly Tune.
Mute with Blissful Understanding,
Shamed by Visions of Pathos Pouring,
While Yonder Pit Exudes Demanding,
That Stifles Hope and keeps Dreams from Soaring.
Walk, then, in Love’s Pure Radiant Light,
And let not Cursed Night Befoul
With Cankerous Fear’s untimely blight
While Discord Rings like demonic howl.
O Step into the Light That Beams from Heaven’s Cosmic Tide,
Before the Gate of Hell Consumes and Drags you Deep Inside!

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Americanpsycho at Deviantart.com