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New Art Titled:  Sunrise Over Atlantic Ocean & Water Reflection III.  Beautiful photography digital edit as the sun rises above the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean seascape artwork, with golden reflection in waterline at the edge of ocean on beach.

Delight Springs Forth
Upon the Break of Day
Like its own Golden, Streaming Light,
Across this Cold, Dark Ocean, Play.

Joyous Peals
In those Secret Hours,
Where Heaven’s Ribbons Perfume the Skies
Like Fragrant Celestial Flowers.

Elation Soaring
Upon the Sweet, True Breath of God
Setting all internment Free!

O Joy,
O Love,
O Dawn of Peace and Grace,
Reaching Down from Eternity
To Warm my Upturned Face!

Breathtaking Photograph found at: blakerobson.wordpress