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There is Sweet Splendour in the Hint of Your Sigh,
A Pure Rapture that any Breath might Tell,
There is Glory in the Depths of Your Eye,
A Liquescent Pool of Colour, The Spiritual Well.
Delight may Find my Hidden Longing,
In the Splendour of Your Beauteous Charms,
In Your Arms I should find Belonging,
Wrapped in My Sweet Beloved’s Arms.
Whispering Softly the Night is Gone,
Watching with me as the Daytide Turns,
Blissful Union in the Silent Dawn,
Unspoken Truths to Tenderly Learn.
Untouched, Unkindled, Yet Faithfully Sought,
Unaware of the Limitless Joy You’ve Brought.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Barbara Florczyk