Inner Peace, Inspiration and Shepherd’s Pie

Inner Peace

Inner Peace

A Strength. A Blessing. A Gift. A Treasure. A Delight. A Dream. A Fortress. A Choice.

And, a WordPress blogging Award, apparently,


One which Amreen B. Shaikh at: has recently and most generously, awarded to me. I am so very pleased to be entrusted with such an honour by someone whose own blog is filled with transcending beauty, thought-provoking inspiration, and joyful humour. If you have not taken a moment to visit her blog before now, I should be remiss if I didn’t encourage you to go, right now, while I wait…. You won’t be disappointed.

(Back? Ok, let’s proceed)

As Ever, there are rules for accepting said award and they are:
1. Display the logo on a post.
2. Thank the person who nominated you and link to his/her site.
3. State seven things about you.
4. Nominate fourteen other bloggers & inform them via a comment on their blog.

Simple. Straightforward. Yes, a bit of work, but I hold to the belief that such an honour is increased, doubly, by giving me a chance to put forward a few other blogs whose offerings may tempt and delight you. So, though it is non-sequential, since I am somewhat of a non-conformist, I shall list my nominees first and foremost, (in no particular order), then I shall intrigue you (or bore you, depending) with the facts about me.

1. Ellie at:
2. Carl at :
3. E.D. at :
4. Michelle at:
5. Himani at:
6. Linda at :
7. Ihsan at :
8. Mariko at:
9. Though I do not know her name, she goes by InfiniteZip at :
10. Penny at:
11. Kimberly at :
12. Terri at :
13. Al at :
14. Pat at :

Of course, these are but the tip of the iceberg; still, I hope you will take a moment to see for yourself how lovely each blog/blogger is, really.

No, No, I haven’t forgotten, and since you are still here, I shan’t disappoint you (at least, I hope not) by neglecting to include the 7 little tidbits about me. So without further ado, as they say:

1. I rarely write without listening to Music.
2. I love to sit quietly in the shade at the end of a sultry summer’s day and just listen to the world around me.
3. I really do Love Winter, too, even after shoveling every day for a week straight!
4. One of my Favourite TV Shows is Big Bang Theory.
5. I don’t often choose to do something “mindless” or “automatic” just for a break.
6. I own a smartphone, but rarely use it.
7. (This is not as simple as it seems!) um… I make a delicious Shepherd’s Pie. LOL Ok I’m grasping at straws, but it’s something about me you didn’t know before.

I am also Blessed to be surrounded by bloggers who share Inspiring, Beautiful and Uplifting artistry each and every day. They fill my world with Light, which in turns burns bright in me and through me, back out into the blogosphere to, perchance, Inspire and Uplift others. Just like Inner Peace, it reaches inward and outward, to Bless and to be a Blessing, if you allow it to do so.

Beautiful Photograph by: christasvengel at


    1. Is that because you are feeling an Inner Peace of Inspiration, or because you are hungry for some (dare I say it) Delicious Shepherd’s Pie? LOL 🙂

      Couldn’t resist….


  1. Well, we have some similarities…
    1. I write to music 2. I love to sit outside, but I don’t do that in summer. The sun is too hot here in India 3. I love winter, especially in the mountains of India. We have really beautiful mountains 4. I love The Big Bang Theory 5. I do, however, some mindless stuff for a break 6. I do own a smart phone, but I don’t know half the functions. 7. I cannot cook Sheperd’s Pie, but I love eating it. I do cook a superb mutton curry!


    1. wow, thats alot 🙂 I don’t actually go out very often in the summer sun either…only in the evening when it is setting…because I actually have an allergy to sunlight and cannot tolerate it well.

      fortunately for you ( or maybe not ) Im posting my recipe for Shepherd’s Pie today 🙂


    1. KIM thank You…I do understand, award posts are a bit beastly. If you are interested in sharing other blogs, what I do is I go to there blog and copy the address out of the address bar and then paste it into my post. That way, you are also in their blog to then go back and post your comment to them that you’ve shared an award with them.

      its a process, but one I dont mind ( too much ) because I can share other blogs with my readers 🙂

      Either way…do enjoy 🙂


      1. I blog on an iPad…not very user friendly but I will figure something out. I am honored, nominated for two awards in one day and 1K likes. I was sooooo excited…didn’t feel worthy but I love writing, not very polished but me:)


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