Brilliance Lending Illumination

Brilliance Lending Illumination



Brilliance Lending Illumination,
Touching All that I See and Know,
Casting Shadow across Trepidation,
Transcending Spectacle, Masterful Show.
Time Spinning in the Echoing Hush,
Strokes the Hours of Listless Fear,
While Subtle Incantations Rush
Like Streaming Light, Enticing and Clear.

Hallowed Music of Creation,
Singing in the Vast Unknown,
Lyric flowing without Cessation,
Praising Perfection in Evidence Shown.
Diaphanous and Seraphic Song,
Whispering in the Expanse of Night,
Guiding me back where I Belong,
In Blazing, Glorious, Tranquil Light.

Spirit Reaching for Blessed Spirit,
Rhapsody of Harmonious Sound,
Whisper so my Soul may Hear it,
Wandering Lost, by Your Grace am Found.

Exquisite Music: Crown of Creation by Jonathan Goldman
Beautiful Image found at :


  1. Ahh..i love Chakra MusicK that touches the Crown Chakra and resonates across the Universe..and words as well for
    i’m going to use this musicK in my own freelance style of TAI CHI the morning…or maybe tonight..
    there is no time not for
    that experience for me…
    Your poetry is truly out of this world..and a pleasure..that my email algorithm..chooses so many of your inspire me and then..


    1. I am entirely Blessed to be a blessing to another through sharing a Light and Love that spans Time, Space, Place…even email 🙂 I Pray your meditation will be a Blessing equally to you.

      Thank you, Katie, Thank You Ever so, for such Kind Kind words that make me smile and cry with Joy!


      1. Well…all i can say…how beautiful it is to come across such a kind and loving yours in words..on the information highway.. that can often lead to some very dark places..where love does not live…it seems….

        Yes you do make a difference…

        in this ya..:) friend…LOVE ALWAYS BRINGS..TEARS TO ME 2..ALWAYS WHEN it is SACRED AND unconditional…:)a treasure always..


    1. I do thank you, John, and am so happy you enjoyed it! This music has been stirring my imagination since I first stumbled upon it a few weeks ago and finally the words came too 🙂

      Blessings and Sweetest Joy~


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