Quietly Be

Quietly Be

OH the Beauty I See in You,
That You See in me,
Abolishing this place in which we Breathe,
To Touch Your Love with mortal hands,
To Quietly BE
And Understand,
Your Love Surrounds when Dark is Night,
When Alone we Stand in Crowded Sight,
Whispers of Your Infinite Splendor,
To Tenderly Engender,
Yet to Linger in this Quiet room
Of Willing Grace Beyond the Earthly Tomb,
Like the cosmos Stretching,
Heaven’s Love Tirelessly Bending,
To Touch the pain of man’s denial,
To Quietly BE
Without shame,
Without guile,
To See the Beauty only in You,
Endlessly True.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Igor Zenin


  1. When the sun rises in the morning your poems are always a blessing to receive! Your words fill the world with a special flavor! A wonderful poem to begin the day with! You always deliver a gem Morgan, spiritual hugs and blessings!


    1. I do always try, sometimes for far too long, to find an image that truly supports the words. although sometimes I find the image first and then it begs for a poem.

      Thanks as ever, my friend πŸ™‚


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