The Long Cold Silence

Long Cold Silence

Winter descending from the Sky,
Frozen Mantle of Indelible cold,
Reaching with Intractable hands,
While the Sullen Year grows Old.
Long Dark Night of Indigo Hue,
Spinning in my weary Mind,
Bedecked in jewels of Crystalline Light,
Diamonds from Eternity behind
The Violet shifting haze of Darkness,
Glimmerings of the Truth it Keeps,
Find me in this Long Cold Silence,
While my self-reliance Sleeps.

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      1. Nope my creative Libra mind sees the colors of vast Technicolor imagination tingeing the skyline and brightening up the shadows each day of the week. In the darker writes, there is still color dancing in the shadows. Perhaps why my blog page is predominantly black and gray, but I must color it up with my creative literary brushstrokes.


    1. Thank You So Very Much, John πŸ˜‰ That is so very kind and I so appreciate it. Youve brought a smile this morning to start my day…Thank You πŸ™‚


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