I See You

I See You

Shimmer O Sweet Mystery
Of Love that Has Ever Called to Me
From Far Away
In Silver Tones,
Whispering that You are My Own.

Sanctify this Longing, Love,
That Spills from my Heart Unceasing,
Take my hand,
Hold my Devotion,
With Whispers Endlessly Pleasing.

Though You’ve never Spoken my name,
Though You Abide from me so Far!
Like a Shimmering Eternal Star
I See You
And Know just who You Are.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Brenda Burke


  1. So very breathtaking and alluring Morgan, your words bring a heart to sigh so lovingly! Your poems inspire hearts and minds. Have a beautiful day full of lasting smiles…just like your words have done for me my sister! Blessings always!


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