Who Is She?

Who Is She

Who is She?
This Morgan?

I am She who Hopes for a Bright Tomorrow,
She who Looks with Dreams Unfurled,
Streaming in the Shimmering Light of Morn,
Dancing like the Breeze Upon Radiant Day.

I am She who Seeks for Harmony,
For Joy that Stirs the Heart to Laugh,
Floating on the Midnight Zephyr
Like Glistening Light from a Myriad Stars.

I am She who Holds the Bow of Belief,
Who Shoots Her Arrows Heavenward,
Patience Watching in Truest Wonder
As Miracles Unfold like Newest Day.

I am She who Loves One yet Far from me,
Bathed in the Promise of Expectant Faith,
Who Stands Upon the Mountain
And Sings in the Softest Tones of Peace.

I am She.
I am Morgan.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: BB Burke


  1. OMG! You did it! Get the tissues out! And I am the FIRST one here! Morgan, this is so gorgeous and I LOVE the art that you matched your words with!!! (((HUGS))) Oh, Lord, the tears……Love, Amy


      1. Ah! But you never were in shadow, for all of us saw you shine daily. YOU had to see for yourself the Truth we already knew.

        On Monday, January 27, 2014, booknvolume wrote:

        > Morgan commented: “Blessings Be to You dear friend, for encouraging me > to step boldly from my shadows and Shine 🙂 Love Dearest Sister in Spirit > :)”


    1. Thank You Ms. Vee 🙂 I was feeling a keen sense of accomplishment after finishing my book, Dark Fey, which prompted this 🙂

      Blessings and Thank You Ever So ~


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