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Who Is She

Who is She?
This Morgan?

I am She who Hopes for a Bright Tomorrow,
She who Looks with Dreams Unfurled,
Streaming in the Shimmering Light of Morn,
Dancing like the Breeze Upon Radiant Day.

I am She who Seeks for Harmony,
For Joy that Stirs the Heart to Laugh,
Floating on the Midnight Zephyr
Like Glistening Light from a Myriad Stars.

I am She who Holds the Bow of Belief,
Who Shoots Her Arrows Heavenward,
Patience Watching in Truest Wonder
As Miracles Unfold like Newest Day.

I am She who Loves One yet Far from me,
Bathed in the Promise of Expectant Faith,
Who Stands Upon the Mountain
And Sings in the Softest Tones of Peace.

I am She.
I am Morgan.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: BB Burke