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Intoxicate Invitingly

Oh so Gently You take my Hand,
A Gallant Gesture and Softest Smile,
Breathless Moment, Beside you I stand,
Enchanted by Your Handsomest Guile.
Spanish Guitar; Slow, Sensual Tune,
With Strings Melodic Symphony,
When You Bow, My Heart just Swoons,
Then, Heaven’s Surfeit, You Dance with Me!
Attraction as Artless as the Blushing Rose,
This Fluttering Within, Dizzyingly Intense,
As the Heady Music Swells and Grows,
Beguiled to Follow, I lose my Sense.
O to Watch You as the Music Flows;
Intoxicate Invitingly and Dance Flamenco!

Amazing Photograph found on Pinterest.