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Up and Away

It is Ever on my mind,
Often in my Heart,
Yet Rarely Upon my tongue,
That I should Sing in Sweet Praise,
Joyful Thanksgiving,
And Humble Appreciation
For All you Say,
All You Do to Encourage Me,
All the Times you’ve Smiled into my Life
And Made me Shake my head in Utter Astonishment,
That you would Consider my Talent,
This Gift,
Worthwhile, Delightful, or a Blessing;
For so long misused and misapplied,
Long Bereft of Inspiration,
Now Rushing like a Tempest, Sweeping me Up and Away,
With it,
With You.

Thank You My Dear, Dear Friends and “Followers”.
It is Ever a Joy, Ever a Surprise!
Blessings and Jubilation Be Thine~

Beautiful Balloon Photograph found on Pinterest.