Beside Thee- Sonnet XVIII

Beside Thee

All that I Am or Ever Shall Be,
A Marvel of Melody, Words and Art,
Composed by Your Hand to Live and See,
All the Wondrous Beauty of Your Heart.
Far I have Wandered, Distant I’ve Been,
A Parody of All I Should Ever Become,
Yet in the Bleakness, You have Seen
My Struggles, My Lethargy, My Distance from,
All That You Desire to Give,
All that You Long to Bestow,
So in Abundance I May Live,
Learning These Lessons so I May Grow.
Walking with You Along Life’s Way,
Beside Thee, In Paradise, Where I Long to Stay.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Claudia Flor at


  1. this is like a beautiful prayer. i quickly checked the book of psalms to make sure you didn’t lift it from david or other writers. nope, it appears it is an original piece, but every bit as powerful as an ancient psalm.


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