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O Speak

Speak in Terms my Heart Shall Hear,
O Speak, My Ever Loving Flame,
And I Shall Listen Through Eternal Years,
This Passion Unquenchable to Tame.
Speak in Whispers, Soft and Fine,
O Speak, Love, in Quiet Tones that Burn,
And I Shall Call Your Sweet Song, Mine,
Ever Enchanted, For Which I Yearn.
Your Voice Shall Heal my Lonely State,
Your Melodic Tone like Symphony,
And Like Blessed Music Which does not Abate,
I Shall Listen, Enthralled, While You Speak To Me.
Desiring Naught but Your Sweetest Tone,
I Desire it Far More in Togetherness, Alone.

Beautiful Image found at: behance.net