Her Heart- Sonnet XI

Her Heart

In Seeking This Which You have Given,
Walking in Darkness; Blind, yet Brave,
Untended Sentiment once harshly Shriven,
Now Waits, Possession’s Abject Slave.
Mired in Waves of Deliberate Pause,
While Standing Patient Upon the Shore,
Her Heart is Pounding, but with just Cause?
It Matters Little; She Longs for More!
Unbridled Coyness in Demonstration,
Makes Her Timidity Audacious Show,
While All Her Senses in Abdication;
Closing Her Eyes, Lets Passion Grow.
Yet, if Interest is with Danger Fraught,
Then Privileged Purpose will Come to Naught.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Selina Fenech


  1. I adore this. It speaks to me. The longing, the queries, the pleas of pure passion awaken my soul, darling. I also want more. It is a whisper on my lips when e’re I drink the nectar of your words…”more”. I cannot have enough of you, it seems. Beautifully done.


      1. Secrets lure me. A lady always keeps secrets. The veil provokes my interest. Although I shall treasure the moments you permit me to peek beneath, I also treasure your modesty.


  2. faith. believe, patience, time, it’s a potent mix, but love is never disappointing, it’s the journey not the destination, great story, she’ll get her way, happy days


    1. Thank You Ever so much Debra 🙂 I am so happy to meet you and even more so that you enjoyed your visit to BnV 🙂
      Thank You, as well, for your very kind Reblog 🙂 Always appreciated.

      Joy and Giggles~


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