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Whispering Pillow of Softest Air,
Embracing the Garden with Delicate Flair,
Reaching Tenderly to Take my Hand,
Enshrouding the Curves and Temptations
Of Land,
Speaking Quietly to my Attentive ear,
Whispering Mysteries I am
Too Deaf to Hear,
Rose Hued Shade of Morning’s Love,
Tempting Warmth Descend from High Above,
Stand Gracious in Your Shimmering Hour
Like Calliope’s Lyre, a Lyrical Flower,
Blushing and Delicate in Pristine Youth,
Revealing Sparkling, Enigmatic Truth.
Oh! Allow my Gaze to Linger There
Upon You Sweet Mists, To Sigh and Stare!

Beautiful Photograph found at: digitalcameraworld.com