Prismatic Incredulity- Sonnet VII

Prismatic Incredulity

In Prismatic Shades Like the Livery of Night,
This Heart does Speak in Shadows and in Hues,
Of the Native Pitch and Reverent Moments, Slight,
Of the Whisperings of Love, Of Passion’s Cues.
While the Moon in Brazen Beams Bedecks the Sky
With Shimmering Sustenance to Satisfy the Soul,
I Stand beneath the Stars and Question Why,
This thudding Beat as sharp as Pealing Tolls.
Apparent in its Lusty Chimes to All but my own ears,
As In Listening far too Close, I Hear too Little,
And Staring out Beyond my Flagrant fears,
This Precious Vessel weak, from Subsistence Brittle.
All that Light Envelopes Holds this Expectation,
While Essence plods and mopes in Hesitation.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Tugba Sevinc


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