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Brenda, author and friend from FriendlyFairyTales blog (http://friendlyfairytales.com/) has Blessed and Honoured me with a very grand award- THE Grand Award, in point of fact. This Incredible and Most Humbling award includes: The Best Moment Award, Semper Fidelis, Shine On, The Awesome Blossom, The Very Inspiring Blogger, WordPress Family Award, The Versatile Blogger Award, and the Most Creative Blogger Award. (Is your head spinning, because mine certainly is!)

Such a Gift of Friendship and Encouragement astounds and amazes me far more than I have capacity to express, (believe it or not!) yet as my dear friend Brenda knows only too well, (as perhaps you do), I might come close to describing my, for lack of a better term, gobsmacked state, by quoting The Master (Shakespeare, of course)(and don’t think it’s easy to construct a sentence using both of the words Gobsmacked and Shakespeare in the same breath, because it isn’t!)

….But in all seriousness….

Ye Gods it Doth Amaze me! (Julius Caesar) Or Perhaps a paraphrase will work as well to say: Amazement upon (My Countenance) Sits (Hamlet, of course)

But however you phrase it, the truth remains that I am Overwhelmed and More Grateful than I can properly describe by Brenda’s Kindness and Thoughtfulness.

Yet in this Honour I would be grossly negligent if I did not Respond in Kind by Sharing with you some Marvelously Talented bloggers whom I visit frequently and whose creations I ever enjoy.

Jaybluepoems at http://jaybluepoems.wordpress.com/ – The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, for his words sing like sweetest music!

And All of My Friends at: http://poetscornerblog.wordpress.com/ – The Semper Fidelis Award for being Always Faithful.

Revelations in Writing at http://revelationsinwriting.wordpress.com/ – The Shine On Award for her ever inspiring posts that shine in the darkness.

Reconstructing Christina at http://reconstructingchristina.com/ – The Awesome Blossom Award for being, well, Awesome!

Prayers and Promises at http://dianarasmussen.com/ – The Versatile Blogger Award- for her beautiful and uplifting offerings.

Tell Me About it at http://michellemarieantellg.wordpress.com/ – The WordPress Family Award for always thinking of others and sharing her smiles with all of us.

A Curious Gal at http://acuriousgal.wordpress.com/ – The Most Creative Blogger Award for posts and pictures that always make me smile (or make me go…hmmmmmmm?)

(Suddenly I feel like I’m at the Oscars, prattling off every name I know because I do not want to leave anyone out.)

Suffice it to say that I follow and am followed by a vast deal of bloggers, all of whom are talented, wonderful artists….You Know Who You Are….please also Know How Much I Appreciate YOU. As I wrote several weeks ago, in Thanks To All of You, my Dearest WordPress Family spread far and wide round this vast world:

OH How the Surprise of Tears Does come,
Rushing in on my Poise and Certainty
When Such a Warm and Delicate Touch
As Your words,
In Delight of Mine,
Without the Simplest Enticement or Lure,
Do Cause the Moon to Shiver,
The Sun to Shine!
My Thanks, Seemingly Paltry,
Is Yet Honest and Pure,
For Ever Do I Receive This Honor
With More Gratitude of Thought and Feeling
Than My Language or Heart Can Sweetly Express.