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I’ve set my sights on the Dreams my heart has desired since I was a child: Love, Joy, Publication, England. Can’t have one without the other, really, but it’s only been recently that I’ve realized how true a statement this is…at least, for me. I’ve been wandering around for far too long Waiting. Hoping. Praying. Waiting. Hoping. Praying. Waiting…(You get the picture here, yeah?)

Then (about 4 months ago) the Light went on in the ol’ tool shed. Thrusters Engaged. Sherlock suddenly had all the answers. Stop talking about it. Start Doing it. Start Living it. Start Believing it. Simple revelation, oddly enough, yet these are the ones that are usually the most difficult to assimilate, for some reason.

Nonetheless, I jumped on board. Started living, thinking and breathing like everything I always dreamed about happening is already in progress. (Since it is, after all) And (not so) surprisingly enough, things started happening; amazing things, things that usually end up making me laugh and then cry for/with Joy. (Because I’m an emotional creature at heart) (which, more than likely, comes as no bolt from the blue to most of you)

If you’ve been along on this ride with me since the beginning, or near the beginning, you may also be aware of some of these amazing goings-on (since most of them have occurred here) but, since this post is not intended to be a shameless self promotion, I shall not go off on a long tangent listing the aforementioned events except to say that I am honoured and astonished every day by this wonderful addition in my life named BooknVolume. As well as all the marvelous people I’ve met through said blog.

Now, I’ve said all that to say this: (yes, I’m wordy, chronically verbose, Dickensian in the best sense of the word , but surely you knew that already as well) Shortly after I started this blog a new friend through the blogosphere commented “When the Blogger is ready, the means through which expression can be shared will come” Very true, because for many years I have been saying and thinking that I really should start a blog, but that was the beginning and the end of the thought. Then one fine evening, I finally sat down and did it. (Gave it a go, Had a bash, nothing to lose, really)…and so very much to gain, far more than I ever would have realized.

Again, not so surprisingly, Love began to fill my Thoughts. Joy bubbled and giggled in my Heart. Words began to flow in a torrent and Poetry poured forth in prolificacy beyond my imagining. What a beautiful invention, this blogging!! (I see you nodding in agreement) So many new friends and so very much positive support that sparks and inspires even greater Love, ever more Joy, which in turn generates far more words. Poetry (not just Grace!) in Superfluity. So much so, in fact, that I have come to the decision that publishing some of it will be my next great adventure.

Me being who I am, I prayed. How do I publish something? Where does one even begin? Where does the financial backing come from? Send me some help, Father, please! I’m ready, I just don’t know how. That was this morning at 7:30am.

At 9:00 am: My coworker, (who I told yesterday that I’m wanting to publish some of the poetry from my blog), comes into the office with an article she stumbled across this morning over breakfast (which, not so amazingly happened to be around 7:30am also) …an article about how to publish something through Kindle.

Coincidence? Mere Happenstance? Or a Perfect Example of: Ask and it Shall be Given?

Positively Brilliant, I think!


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