The Seasons of Life – #PoetryforChange #Poetrychallange



Over the past year, Life has led me in more than a few new and, often, frightening directions. The Path has often seemed obscured, littered with debris that grasps and reaches to ensnare me or cause me to stumble. There have been more than a few moments when I stopped and gazed round in confusion, uncertain of the way in which I should go and fearful of what lies ahead; and once or twice I doubled back, attempting to find the trail once again. Yet, in spite of the twists and turns; regardless of the brambles and scrubby undergrowth crowding the track, and notwithstanding the shadows of doubt that clouded the way like thick, enshrouding fog, my feet continued forward.

Walking through the woodlands of life is ever challenging; yet is often equally rewarding. The views and vistas are picturesque and charming; the breeze is sweet, fresh and clean and the lighting is sublime. Avenues meander through coppices streaming with ribbons of sunlight; streams burble and play over sleek, moss-covered stones; and life teems all about you. You may not always be certain of the direction in which you should travel, but the way is intriguing and beautiful, in spite of it all.

The paved way that leads straight through the center of town may, indeed, be easier to traverse. It may be direct; it may be well lighted; it may seem a “no-brainer”, but without obstacles, trials and challenges, there is very little opportunity to test our strength or increase our endurance. The leaf-litter upon the rocky path may seem a dangerous pitfall, but if we walk along a perfectly manicured lawn, how will we ever learn to keep our feet under us? Life is, after all, about the journey, not the destination; it’s about becoming stronger and more confident through the tests we encounter along the way; it’s about discovering our way and ourselves along that way.

So, as the Seasons of Life shift and blur, and my Journey ever changes; the path remains the same and Leads me ever in the right Direction, should I Choose to Follow.

Thank You, my Friends, for walking along this path with me; for Sharing the Journey and waiting on me when I fall behind. You are, indeed, a Treasure; You are the unexpected Briar Rose Blossoming Sweetly among the scraggly undergrowth and YOU are the reason I linger, Smiling, as verses and lyrics Spring Anew.

~Blessings ~

I invite you to JOIN ME in Creating Positive Change through poetry.

Whether you opt for Free Verse, Form, Narrative, or Visual Poetry, I hope you will take up this simple challenge to post once a week about something you BELIEVE needs to be changed.

Please use the hashtag #PoetryforChange and spread the word by reblogging and retweeting your post and others with the same tag.

Let’s make the world a better place!

With Hope for Harmony,

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Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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