Hope- #InspirationalPoetry

Hope Unveils its Glimmering head
Whenever doubts claim it is dead,
Rivaling the face of treason,
Hope lends Courage, Intrepidity and Reason.
Walking past the vacant door
And all the avarice wanting more,
Hope Shields us in the dark of night,
Guiding with Illumination Bright.
Sordid Tales, weave not your lies!
Hope Stands Strong when Desperation Sighs,
And when the Faithless stammer in uncertainty,
Hope Speaks Clear with Bolstering Surety.



Poetry and Art by ~Morgan~

~Thank You for reading ~

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    1. I cannot tell you how (searching for an appropriate adjective) this makes me feel ❤
      My true aspiration is to spread Love, Hope, Peace, and Joy. I guess I'm succeeding.
      Thank You ever so much 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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